DOMS - 15 Years on: Industry Workshop 1 Queen Anne's Gate London 8 July 2013

Reference: 13/WM/18/6
ISBN: 1 84057 694 4
Published Date: 29/08/2013

The report contains the proceedings and output from a water industry workshop held in London on 8th July 2013.
The purpose of the workshop was to review companies' progress in implementing DOMS since the requirement was first introduced in 1998, to consider the implications of more recent developments such as Drinking Water Safety Plans, and to identify future challenges for the industry. Following an overview of the current state of regulation from the Drinking Water Inspectorate, six presentations on various aspects of DOMS implementation were given by water industry practitioners and these are included in the report.

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Tool for the DOMS Forward-Looking Approach

Reference: 08/WM/18/5
ISBN: 1 84057 509 3
Published Date: 03/09/2008

Previous studies to forecast discolouration potential of water networks have applied traditional statistical techniques such as regression analysis, and detailed process modelling. Such models have generally been hindered by insufficient data or quantification of the underlying processes and hence this project aimed to take a simpler approach that would work with current data and knowledge.
An index approach was developed, using data currently collected by water companies to generate three indices for water quality, vulnerability of the network, and hydraulic discolouration potential. A system discolouration index was calculated at water quality zone level, from the water quality and vulnerability discolouration indices, also including the hydraulic discolouration index when suitable data were available.
The index methodology was delivered in a spreadsheet tool, allowing users to set up the index calculation, import a range of data, and assess the discolouration potential of each zone or other area being studied. Individual zones may then be reviewed and interventions specified, with the tool compiling a list of zones, interventions, timings and costs.

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Integrated Network Management Roadmap

Reference: 07/WM/18/4
ISBN: 1 84057 442 9
Published Date: 20/06/2007

Water companies have long recognised that a more integrated approach to the management of distribution system functions could be beneficial but also that in practice it can be difficult to present the business case for integration initiatives.
This report provides a framework for water companies to consider Integrated Network Management (INM) approaches within water distribution network management. 
The framework provides the context in which INM should be considered through definitions, objectives and scope of INM with a common set of principles and components.  The remaining framework deliverables (a "Maturity Scale" and "Routefinder") allow companies to identify "Development Pathways" (DPs) towards INM best practice. Companies can develop their own DPs using the framework, and twelve key DPs are provided as appendices. The DPs indicate a vision for future INM practice and identify areas of further research.

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