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News Articles

Quantifying, managing and communicating the differences in storm overflow spill data between EDM outputs and hydraulic model predictions

The project aims to analyse and address the discrepancies in storm overflow spill data between event duration monitor (EDM) outputs and hydraulic model predictions.

Published On 14/11/2023

UKWIR embarks on new project cycle

We are excited to announce our next cycle of projects, which will deliver targeted research projects to tackle the biggest issues facing the water sector.

Published On 13/11/2023

Prioritisation of circular economy research opportunities for the UK and Irish water sector

In recent years, water companies have sought to improve resource recovery for beneficial reuse, and steps have been taken towards the transition to a circular economy with water companies and their value chains however, untapped opportunities remain.

Published On 09/11/2023

UKWIR Signs UK Water Partnership’s Concrete Commitment to Improve Collaboration in the Sector

Earlier this month, the UK water sector came together to discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing the water industry at the annual UK Water Industry Summit. This included Governments, SMEs, water companies, consultants, contractors, and many other players within the water industry.

Published On 30/10/2023

Reducing risks to water through improved slug pellet formation

UKWIR has recently completed a project under big Question 4 - How do we achieve 100% compliance with drinking water standards by 2050?, which aimed to access the potential of combining inorganic controlled release formulation (iCRT) with a metaldehyde-based slug pellets, as a way of reducing the pesticide leaching into water courses.

Published On 08/06/2023

Sewage sludge to biochar – a review

This research, delivered by Atkins, outlines Advanced Thermal Conversion (ATC) based alternatives for sewage sludge management in the future and aids the industry by defining the most beneficial and environmentally predictable options. The review also explores valorisation options for new, bio-char-based outputs, contributing to the maximisation of value from waste and the circular economy. This project relates to BQ10 – How do we remove more carbon than we emit by 2050.

Published On 08/06/2023

Steve's Welcome

It is that time of year again, as many organisations release their annual reviews.

Published On 08/06/2023

Smart Water Utilities Europe 2023

Come and meet Steve Kaye, CEO, UKWIR at the Smart Water Utilities Europe 2023 Exhibition and Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 28-29 June, 2023.

Published On 01/06/2023