Our Tools

Sometimes the many research projects that UKWIR manage and deliver result in the creation of a service or a software tool. They are designed to assist and guide the user in data analysis or decision making tasks. The tools range from simple spreadsheets to more complex databases like our Carbon Accounting Workbook which our members use to calculate their operational greenhouse gas emissions.

We have incorporated some of these tools into our website for ease of access, the list is provided below. Some may be used directly via the website, others are available to download. Please also note that some require registration or a subscription before you can gain access to them.  Click on the icon to read more about each tool or service.

They are free to access for UKWIR members. If you are not an UKWIR member then there may be a charge.

If you have any questions please contact us at: mail@ukwir.org.uk

Publicly Accessible Tools
Publicly Accessible Downloads
Member Only Tools