UKWIR launches "MyLibrary" of research reports

UKWIR launches "MyLibrary" of research reports

Published On 12/02/2023

Free access to over 1,000 of UKWIR’s research reports has now been made easier due to the launch of a new “MyLibrary” feature on the UKWIR website.

The feature provides new ways to access, organise and share UKWIR’s work - supporting our ambition to provide open access for members, collaborators, regulators, academics, and other stakeholders.

There are over 1,000 published reports in the library, which can present a challenge for people to navigate. To address this, once users have found the report, it can be added to a personalised collection of reports as part of the new ‘MyLibrary’ feature.

This provides users with quick, easy access to their selected reports - which can be used for citation, to access the project’s findings and recommendations, see the organisations involved in their creation and share via social media and email.

Professor Joby Boxall, Chair of Water Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Sheffield, said “This change increases opportunities for the academic and research communities to access, share and reuse the output of water industry research across different disciplines. This is a crucial step to enabling more collaborative research and accelerating new discoveries.”

We are particularly keen to ensure that UKWIR reports are easily accessible, usable and reflect the needs of our readership. Therefore, we have introduced a new quick-access feature to log in to the library using a social media account or email address.

As well as enabling users to build their own report collection, the new feature also provides a PDF download option should you need to read reports offline or print out a hard copy. This carries a £10 charge for non-members but is free to member organisations.