UKWIR Leakage Projects Completed by Servelec Technologies

UKWIR Leakage Projects Completed by Servelec Technologies

Published On 01/10/2019

Servelec have completed two projects for UKWIR regarding managing leakage

Managing leakage is a critical issue for water companies in the UK & Ireland. In particular, water companies in England & Wales are being set targets to reduce leakage by at least 15% over the 2020-25 period by Ofwat and the Environment Agency. These targets represent substantially lower leakage than has ever been achieved historically and will require concerted investment and focus if they are to be achieved.

Servelec Technologies recently completed two projects for UK Water Industry Research Ltd (UKWIR) regarding the analysis of costs and benefits associated with Active Leakage Control, i.e. the detection of leakage and undertaking of associated repairs.

For more information, including overviews of the projects, please click here.