Spring Launch

Spring Launch

Published On 12/11/2021

After months of extensive engagement, Spring (the water sector’s  innovation centre of excellence) moved to its next stage of development. 

In September, Spring’s website (www.spring-innovation.co.uk) went live, sharing initial details of how it will accelerate water sector transformation through innovation and collaboration.

When it launches in December, Spring will provide a range of functions and services for innovators, through two parallel routes.

The first, the Ideation and Collaboration incubator, will bolster and streamline how ideas are formed and how different stakeholders will be brought together. The second, the Innovation Adoption route, is focussed on sharing best practices across the sector.

The next step in Spring’s creation will be establishing it as a subsidiary of UKWIR. This will allow it to maintain an independent brand and develop its own sustainable funding programme, while sharing resources and maintaining strong strategic links with UKWIR, the industry’s research  organisation.

Steve Kaye, UKWIR CEO, said “I’m really excited to share this first look at Spring and I’m grateful for the team for their hard work. By creating Spring as an UKWIR subsidiary, it can operate independently and create its own opportunities while tapping into the networks, experience, and expertise UKWIR has”.