Reflecting on a transformational year and looking ahead

Reflecting on a transformational year and looking ahead

Published On 18/05/2021

UKWIR has produced its Annual Review, the first of a series of communication initiatives in the pipeline, that capture the important work of the last year – including on its Big Questions programme and industry-developments in innovation – with a tantalising glimpse of where it is looking to go next.

UKWIR CEO, Steve Kaye, said: 'what a year it has been. Having established ‘route maps’ for all our Big Questions we have continued to move at pace with our strategic research programme. Our staff and members have collectively delivered 21 projects during the year to the value of £2.5 million, despite having to adapt to the necessary Covid restrictions’.

In addition, UKWIR facilitated the creation of the first ever Water Sector Innovation Strategy, underpinning its role in delivering research that informs future innovation priorities, and which will be progressed via a new virtual Centre of Excellence.

Progress does not stop there 

The UKWIR Board has overseen a strategic review to reposition the organisation’s future vision and strategy in line with developments underway in the wider industry. 
This will help UKWIR reshape and realign the focus of its activities so it can explore new avenues of research and innovation practice to achieve the water industry’s longer-term ambitions. To do that, UKWIR is looking to achieve a more balanced research focus whilst building bridges to academia and the supply chain.

It will also look to improve the tracking of research benefits, accessing more external funding as well as raising awareness and celebrating our work.

In summarising, Richard Warneford, UKWIR Chair said ‘our refreshed vision and strategy will enable us to create more value for our members and ultimately the customers they serve.

It is all about leveraging more knowledge, expertise and funding into the water sector and applying it to the areas where it can have most impact and drive the greatest transformation’.

The figures in the diagram below are compiled from the Annual Review Report 2020 which will be posted on the UKWIR website in June.