Recent Funding and Collaborations

Recent Funding and Collaborations

Published On 11/02/2023

UKWIR receives around £3.5 million from its members each year to fund its research programme. Our members also provide substantial in-kind resources through their active participation in programme development and project delivery.

In 2022, we developed our new external partnership and funding strategy – in order to provide additional support to UKWIR’s research programme by increasing and diversifying research funding and collaborations. It also aims to energise collaborative learning between the water industry, academia, regulators and other stakeholders. 

In 2022, we provided guidance and support in the creation of several large research bids.

We are delighted to be working with Sheffield and Glasgow Universites on a £2.6 million EPSRC project – To chlorinate or not to chlorinate - led by Professor Joby Boxall, and with several European partners on the Horizon Europe project - Unmanned-Power-to-Methanolproduction. The team is planning to launch 7th March.

We are also pleased to be supporting partners on four successful projects funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) programme on “understanding changes in quality of UK freshwaters”.

UKWIR looks forward to contributing to these projects led by the University of York, the UK Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, the University of Bristol, the University of Stirling and all their associate partners.

Several other initiatives for research collaboration and funding are underway, including UKWIR’s big data and nature-based solutions initiatives.