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UKWIR has been positively shaping the UK water industry's future for over 25 years.
We facilitate, manage & deliver a strategic programme of research projects for our members, the Water Companies of the UK and Ireland, to address the key challenges they face.  We do this by providing leadership in shaping the future water research agenda.-


Big questions

The focus of our research is captured in our Big Questions.  These questions cover many Research Themes and activities of work and represent the key challenges they face, now and in the future.

UKWIR Big Question VIDEO

You can directly access five of our Big Questions below, with a sixth link to all twelve.



Spring Launch

Published On 20/12/2021

Projects Starting Soon

Published On 16/11/2021

Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration

Published On 15/11/2021

Spring Launch

Published On 12/11/2021

UKWIR Publishes Research to put the Circular Economy at the Heart of the Water Sector

Published On 08/11/2021

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Latest Publications (for non-members)

Members have free access to reports by logging into the website and using the Publications Menu.


Drinking Water Quality & Health

Published: 15/12/2021

Maximising the safe return of recovered process water

Cryptosporidium oocysts and viruses present in drinking water supplies pose a significant threat to public health worldwide. Presence...

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Drinking Water Quality & Health

Published: 15/12/2021

Understanding the chemistry and control of lead

Lead in tap water continues to be an important issue for UK water utilities. However, the mechanisms of lead release from lead water pipes are not ...

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Published: 24/11/2021

Understanding Asset Risk

This project forms part of UKWIR’s Asset Management Big Question of ‘How to continue creating positive v...

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Drinking Water Quality & Health

Published: 09/11/2021


The UKWIR project ‘Taste and Odour (T&O): Methods of Detection’ reviewed literature, carried out comprehensive non-targeted chemica...

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Urban Pollution Management

Published: 07/11/2021

SAGIS model update tool to support modelling for PR24

SAGIS is a GIS-based decision support system for management of water quality at the river basin scale. To support modelling for PR24, a complementa...

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