Intelligent Assets - Condition and Performance Monitoring Techniques

Working in collaboration with The Water Research Foundation, UKWIR has developed a process for Condition and Performance Monitoring Techniques (CPMT) of critical assets in the water and sewage industry. This focuses on the costs and benefits CPMT offers for different types of asset.


Condition Performance Monitoring Techniques (CPMT) can provide an early warning of possible failure, allowing early intervention and avoiding or mitigating impacts on customer service. Various ‘Condition and Performance Monitoring Techniques’ (CPMT), such as vibration or acoustics measurement, as well as analytical techniques (e.g. processing data to identify trends or detect anomalies) are available for the monitoring of asset performance.  There is a need within the water industry to better understand the CPMT options available and their potential benefits.

  • Alternative options for CPMT were identified and assessed through a review of published literature.
  • Water companies and CPMT supplier companies were also surveyed on their experiences in order to understand the usage/availability of various types of CPMT, and the success of implementations.
  • A framework for CPMT selection was devised based on identifying priority assets where they would be most likely to be beneficial.
  • Potential techniques for these assets were then shortlisted before evaluating the costs and benefits.

 The costs and benefits section of the framework is illustrated via generic cost-benefit assessments for a range of common water industry asset types, provided in spreadsheet format on a CD accompanying the project report. 

The project included a number of studies to quantify the benefits of CPMT and the data suggests that, in many cases, there are indeed clear benefits.  Conclusions were restricted by data quality and availability.

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