Four carbon reduction projects starting soon

Four carbon reduction projects starting soon

Published On 17/08/2021

Four projects to help the sector reduce carbon emissions by addressing shortfalls in two key areas – measurement and accountability – are underway under Big Question “How do we remove more carbon than we emit by 2050?”

These projects will give companies crucial tools as they start their next business plans and support Water UK’s Public Interest Commitment of achieving net-zero operational carbon emissions by 2030. 

The projects are:

  • Quantifying and reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment processes
  • Updating the industry’s Carbon Accounting Workbook
  • Land carbon sequestration tool
  • Calculating whole life carbon

The projects will help address the “significant knowledge gaps” in actual emissions from operations, develop tools to measure carbon sequestration and embedded carbon and ensure companies can accurately report their findings. 

Each project will be overseen by a steering group, with representative from water companies, Water UK and other experts to ensure we learn from best practice from across sectors.

All of our findings will be shared in Spring 2022.