The projects that comprise our research programme bring together a wide spectrum of people. All of our projects are developed and influenced by our Programme Leads, R&D Managers, Project Managers and Project Steering Group members. Each project may also involve selected contractors, universities, Regulators and other collaborators. This means that we provide the best possible framework to generate the highest quality outputs.

Finding knowledge of interest to you

Our research projects are categorised to match the likely interests of those people they may impact. Members who register their interests through this website will be provided with all of the latest developments by UKWIR on these categories. In this way we match you to the available knowledge UKWIR has generated and stored.

Research project outputs are usually in the form of written reports, of which we generate in the region of 50 each year. Reports are often supported by software tools, developed to allow companies to adapt the outputs to their specific requirements.

We also develop and maintain online database services, through which subscribers can access the latest knowledge from those projects.

Web based projects are also provided to allow subscribers to share knowledge of operational best practice and experience. Knowledge sharing is of growing importance to UK Water Companies.

All project outputs are freely available to UKWIR subscribers. Additionally, non-subscribers may purchase reports via our dedicated online Knowledge Store. > Click here to search.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Learning and recommendations from customer behaviour campaigns on blockage reduction - start up meeting
     Mon 03 October 2022 11:00
  • PSG STart up meeting
     Tue 04 October 2022 09:00
  • Understanding the scale and impact of privately owned drains/sewers on sewer capacity
     Wed 05 October 2022 08:45
  • GHG process emissions steering group
     Wed 05 October 2022 14:00
  • EQ01 - UKWIR Workshop Chemical Investigations Programme Phase 3
     Tue 11 October 2022 10:00