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Opening access to our reports

On behalf of our members, we oversee the delivery, from concept, through research to peer-review and publication, of high-quality reports on varied topics every year – and have done so since UK...

Mon, 28 Feb 2022, 12:17 PM


MOVING FROM ACADEMIA TO THE WATER INDUSTRY AND WORKING AT THE INTERFACE What is your training/career background? Hi, my name is Imad Ahmed and I’ve just joined UKWIR as Head of Fundraising afte...

Mon, 01 Nov 2021, 04:20 PM

Our first step towards a centre of excellence

At the risk of making too obvious a pun, I’m delighted that Spring has sprung. Carly, Shaunna and everyone else involved have done a fantastic job in turning an idea in a strategy into somethi...

Wed, 29 Sep 2021, 09:50 AM

Looking towards a more collaborative future

Our recent inaugural UKWIR annual conference was a chance to bring together different stakeholders from the water sector and hear from water companies, academics, the supply chain, government, regula...

Tue, 12 Jan 2021, 03:05 PM

Steve Kaye, CEO of UKWIR gives his perspective on the opportunities associated with the new Water Innovation Strategy.

The challenge laid down by Ofwat to develop a strategy to guide the delivery of transformational innovation in the areas where rapid progress is most needed has been taken on with energy and enthusia...

Wed, 05 Aug 2020, 10:57 PM