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Consistency of Reporting Performance Measures


Water companies have been working together, coordinated by Water UK and supported by Ofwat, to develop more consistent reporting methodologies for the measurement of leakage, supply interruptions and sewer flooding.

As part of this work Water UK requested UKWIR commission an independent review and challenge of the initial proposals, to provide assurance and to develop more detailed guidance.

UKWIR commissioned Atkins to carry out this review, working with company practitioner experts and a steering group including representation from companies, Ofwat,  the Environment Agency, the Consumer Council for Water and Water UK.

Ofwat has confirmed that the output of this project will not impact on PR14 PCs and ODIs. It is intended to form the basis of public reporting from 2020/21 and to inform the development of PR19 Business Plans, and the detailed reporting guidance documents are below.

This report can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.


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