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UKWIR has been positively shaping the UK water industry's future for over 25 years.
We facilitate, manage & deliver a strategic programme of research projects for our members, the Water Companies of the UK and Ireland, to address the key challenges they face.  We do this by providing leadership in shaping the future water research agenda.


Big questions

The focus of our research is captured in our Big Questions.  These questions cover many Research Themes and activities of work and represent the key challenges they face, now and in the future.

You can directly access five of our Big Questions below, with a sixth link to all twelve.


Asset Health Indicators - Forward Looking Metrics - Call for Expression of Interest

Published On 12/08/2019

Call for Expression of Interest on new project - Quantifying & Reducing Direct GHG Emissions from Treatment Processes

Published On 12/08/2019

15% Discount for UKWIR Members for the 2019 Water Industry Conference

Published On 08/08/2019

International Conference on Water & Wastewater Pumping, Cambridge, UK, 20th - 21st November 2019 DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS

Published On 12/07/2019

Good Progress on project Asbestos Cement Water Mains Deterioration and Failure Prediction Models

Published On 10/07/2019

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Latest Publications


Maintenance continuing serviceability

Published: 14/08/2019

Treated Water Storage Assets: Good Practice for Operation & Management Version 2

The purpose of this project is to provide water companies with good practice guidance for the whole life management of the construction, refurbishm...

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Drinking Water

Published: 06/08/2019

Catchment Management for Water Quality and Quantity

This project evaluated whether catchment management makes a difference to water quality and quantity. The project included a structured evidence re...

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Environment & Quality

Published: 29/07/2019

Risk assessment of CIP data with respect to implications for drinking water sources

Water Safety Planning approaches underpin drinking water quality and safety management. This mandatory approach requires the systematic assessment ...

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Drinking Water

Published: 05/06/2019

Significance of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Drinking Water

Significance of antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistant genes in drinking water

There is inc...

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Climate Change

Published: 08/05/2019

Workbook for Estimating Operational GHG Emissions – Version 13

UKWIR has developed a standardised workbook for estimating operational GHG emissions, the Carbon Accounting Workbook (CAW), to bring consistency an...

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