Circular economy in water sector – Steve Kaye at WIF challenge for Young Professionals 2019 – Launch

Water Industry forum conducts a competition each year for young professionals to come together and provide new ideas for the water sector. Theme for this year’s challenge was "The Circular Economy in the Water Sector", with Steve Kaye, UKWIR CEO, representing the water industry.


Around 40 participants attended on the day where they were given an outline of the challenge, including presentations from industry experts and examples of the topic.

Steve Kaye, UKWIR CEO represented water industry and shared his experience in Circular Economy, he also explained how UKWIR research is aligned with it.

It was followed by a 2-hour working session where the teams developed their ideas and approach to the challenge along with the industry experts. Teams will finalise their presentation to pitch at the final judging and awards, which will take place in London on 10th April 2019.  

For more details please visit Water Industry Forum.

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