Call for Interested Contractors - Taste and Odour: Methods of Detection

New UKWIR Project focussed on providing the water industry with a quantitative method of measuring Taste and Odour.


This project forms part of UKWIR’s Big Question ‘How do we achieve 100% compliance with drinking water standards by 2050?’

The project will improve our understanding of T&O by developing analytical methodologies and exploring the links between the molecular chemistry and the sensing that triggers customer contacts.

Contractor Tasks to include:

  1. To review the analytical work to measure T&O, which should include a review of approaches from the food and beverage industry and perfumery.
  2. To develop an analytical methodology for measuring T&O and demonstrate the linkages to the current subjective T&O panel test.
  3. To assess the implications that the analytical method would have in terms of deployment within water company laboratories.

For more information and to express interest in this project, please click here.

Expressions of interest in this Project close on 28 NOVEMBER 2018.

Upcoming Meetings

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     Thu 17 January 2019 10:30
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     Wed 23 January 2019 09:30
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