Big question

How do we remove more carbon than we emit by 2050?

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We are currently working on the approach to answering this Big Question, and more information will be given here soon.

The areas that this Big Question covers includes:

  • Establish where and how we can store energy
  • Optimise energy generation and address energy waste
  • Seek out novel materials to use in construction and rehabilitation

Once we understand where the gaps are, we will produce a route map – this is a plan as to how we will answer our Big Question.

The route map will have a number of key elements. At the top will be our Big Question and then we will look to see what Outcomes we need from the research programme -if we can achieve all these outcomes we can answer the Big Question. This is the stage we are currently at for this Big Question.

The next stage will be to think about the key benefits we want the research projects to deliver to meet these outcomes.

Following this, we will plan the research projects to help deliver the benefits.


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Projects coming soon.

Projects coming soon.


Land Carbon Sequestration tool development

Project Status - Project Commenced

To enable water companies to be able to quantify, in detail, the carbon sequestered in catchment areas on a rolling basis. It will also enable UK water companies to assess their own catchment management assets and produce scenarios of carbon flux of those assets. This will in turn allow better strategic decisions to be made about land and catchment management.


Yorkshire Water have been developing a model over the last 12 months, as have Welsh Water. The current model is useful but needs wider testing and peer review to ensure legitimacy of the model and wider discussions around land use management.

Projects coming soon.

Projects coming soon.

Projects coming soon.