Big question

BQ7 - How do we achieve zero customers in water poverty by 2030?



We are currently working on the approach to answering this Big Question, and more information will be given here soon.

The areas that this Big Question covers includes:

  • Consider alternative charging structures and tariffs and their impact on affordability
  • Understand the future pressures that may lead to water poverty

Once we understand where the gaps are, we will produce a route map – this is a plan as to how we will answer our Big Question.

The route map will have a number of key elements. At the top will be our Big Question and then we will look to see what Outcomes we need from the research programme -if we can achieve all these outcomes we can answer the Big Question. This is the stage we are currently at for this Big Question.

The next stage will be to think about the key benefits we want the research projects to deliver to meet these outcomes.

Following this, we will plan the research projects to help deliver the benefits.

How can we define, measure and reduce Water Poverty?

Water is an essential resource. Households across the UK and Ireland have access to clean and plentiful supply of water and cannot be cut off if they fall behind on their bills. However, for many people, the cost of water and wastewater services is unaffordable which puts them in ‘water poverty’.

Our recently completed project looked at ways of defining water poverty, understanding future pressures and appraisals of water companies’ efforts towards the reduction of water poverty.

How can we define, measure and reduce Water Poverty? 


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Defining water poverty and evaluating existing information and approaches to reduce water poverty.

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Projects coming soon.

Projects coming soon.

Projects coming soon.