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Climate Change Implications for Water Treatment:Volume I - Overview Report

Reference: 11/CL/08/2
ISBN: 1 84057 610 3
Published Date: 30/11/2011

This study assesses the impact of climate change on source water quality and its implications for the treatment of drinking water. It provides a framework for assessing potential risks to treatment processes and identification of adaptation responses.
The focus of the work has been to use existing data and the inland river and catchment water quality models, SIMCAT, ILC and INCA, to estimate potential changes in raw water quality due to climate change. A sensitivity-led approach has been developed assessing experiences during extreme weather and identifying design thresholds and climate related tipping points for treatment technologies. Assessments of potential changes in raw water quality and whether thresholds might be reached under a range of climate scenarios to the 2050s have been made.
Many impacts on source quality could be offset by integrated catchment management (controls on point and diffuse inputs). Otherwise, a range of water treatment risks and potential adaptation responses are presented and tested through case studies.
Generic risks to water treatment and uncertainties are considered. Site specific factors will be important in determining both raw water qualtiy and treatment risks and the report sets out a framework that companies can apply to:
- identify assets/processes at risk;
- define modelling/monitoring requirements; and,
- provide a risk-based assessment supporting investment.
The report is presented in two volumes. Volume 1 is an overview of the research and findings and Volume 2 consistes of two detailed technical reports. The first technical report sets out the modelling approach and projections of potential changes in raw water quality due to climate change. Current technologies are reviewed to determine those that would be most vulnerable to the specific changes identified. The second technical report analyses those vulnerable treatment processes to provide an understanding of potential implications using industry standard design models and case studies for specific sites.
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