Pipeline Innovation

A Review of Wastewater Instrumentation, Automation and Control

Reference: 14/WM/02/21
ISBN: 1 84057 740 1
Published Date: 08/09/2014

Water companies face ongoing pressures to improve operational and asset management efficiencies and deliver the same service for less cost. Equally, ever tightening regulations and wastewater compliance requirements mean water companies may need to improve treatment processes and ensure more consistent outputs. Instrumentation, process controls and data and information management could play a key role in achieving this.

With plans to invest circa £500m during AMP6, companies need to invest wisely in instrumentation and avoid legacy problems. The objectives of the study included developing an understanding of the industry's long term drivers and objectives; an evaluation of the state of the industry in terms of instrumentation, process control and automation; and an evaluation of what is available on the market such that the gaps between these can be identified.

This study is based on a series of interviews with key stakeholders within water companies and the supply chain.

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Strategic Lead Communication Pipe Replacement: Initial Review of Water Company Pilot Trials

Reference: 05/WM/02/20
ISBN: 1-84057-376-7
Published Date: 18/05/2005

This report summarises the results from five pilot studies to develop and test methodologies for strategic lead communication pipe replacement programmes. The studies are the first of 12 which were agreed with DWI and initiated during the AMP3 period. The sources of information were reports on each of the studies produced by the companies Anglian Water, United Utilities and Yorkshire Water. It is hoped that   this summary report will enable the learning gained from the studies to be  widely disseminated at the earliest opportunity and used to inform the further development of company strategies.

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Performance of Electrofusion Joints for PE Pipes

Reference: 99/WM/02/10
ISBN: 1 84057 153 5
Published Date: 17/04/2002

The large number of service failures of electrofusion joints remains of prime concern to UK water industry. This investigation combines the findings of two year's work looking at the effects of site conditions, joint preparation and fitting type on joint performance. A large round robin exercise was conducted with the involvement of all manufacturers to look at the effects of wet wipes on joint performance. Different wipe formulations were compared and it was found that their effects were negligible relating only to the rate of evaporation from the cleaned surface The tolerance to contamination test developed for couplings was extended for large diameter couplings and modified for tapping tees. A performance variability between manufacturers to overcome the effects of joint contamination clearly exists.

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