Nuisance Controls

A Framework for Cost Benefit Analysis in Odour Control Projects

Reference: 08/WW/13/9
ISBN: 1 84057 517 4
Published Date: 17/11/2008

The report sets out a framework for undertaking cost benefit analysis of odour abatement measures at waste water treatment works. It describes different research approaches for valuing the user benefits of odour abatement, based on research at six case studies sites in England. Benefits were assessed through stated preference techniques (both willingness to pay and willingness to accept formats), and a revealed preference assessment based on house price values. The reduction in odour emissions at each of the sites was predicted using odour dispersion modelling techniques. The report sets out a recommended method for undertaking cost benefit analysis, using a willingness to pay approach, which was the only method to produce a statistically reliable valuation of benefit. A worked example is provided, along with other recommendations on further development of analytical techniques in this area.

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Best Practicable Means (BPM) - A Guidebook for Odour Control at Wastewater Treatment Works

Reference: 06/WW/13/8
ISBN: 1 84057 415 1
Published Date: 16/08/2006

This Guidebook has been written specifically to assist Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) operators to select the means to abate nuisance caused by odour from their works. It provides guidelines for an odour management hierarchy, ranging from prevention to treatment and also provides a framework for selecting Best Practicable Means (BPM) according to local circumstances. It is one of a series of documents giving guidance on odour control at WwTW and should be read in conjunction with Defra's Code of Practice (CoP) on Odour Nuisance from Sewage Treatment Works.  It describes factors that influence the generation and impact of odours from WwTW and provides guidance for dealing with complaints and reducing emissions through the adoption of both baseline, and where necessary, more expensive enhanced measures.

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Odour Standards for the Wastewater Industry

Reference: 04/WW/13/6
ISBN: 1-84057-341-4
Published Date: 05/10/2004

The scientific literature and documented case studies relating to odour nuisance from wastewater treatment processes have been reviewed, with a view to establishing a sound basis upon which a workable odour standard could be promulgated by the UK water service providers. A review and assessment of the current legislative controls over odour in England and the devolved administrations was also conducted, including examination of recent and ongoing legal actions. It is concluded that further work on human exposure-response relationships for wastewater odours would be needed in order to support development of a specific odour standard. At the present time, there is insufficient scientific evidence to allow confident adoption of an odour standard. Recommendations are included for possible future research work to support the further development of odour standards for wastewater treatment in the UK; together with an evaluation of risk-based assessment procedures and a detailed whole-life cost assessment.

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