Effluent Quality

A Procedure for Estimating Emissions of Pollution Inventory Substances from Wastewater Treatment Works

Reference: 14/WW/25/7
ISBN: 1 84057 716 9
Published Date: 27/02/2014

The Pollution Inventory (PI) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the Scottish Pollution Release Inventory (SPRI) is the mechanism by which the regulatory agencies (the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency) compile information and provide public access to the quantities of specific substances discharged to water, air and land. The Pollution Inventory estimator tool enables Water Companies to report their annual returns via an auditable method in the absence of routine monitoring data for a substance of interest. A number of changes have been made to the list of substances to be reported in 2014 onwards and the estimator tool has been updated to reflect these changes. The procedure described is expected to be used in conjunction with the updated estimator tool (version 7.0), with reference to the User Guide, both of which are included.

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Identifying the Sources of Listed Substances in Diffuse Inputs to Sewage Treatment Works

Reference: 02/WW/25/2
ISBN: 1-84057-276-0
Published Date: 13/01/2003

This study aimed to establish which listed substances are present in diffuse inputs to sewage treatment works and to evaluate relative contributions. Results indicated that several heavy metals arise predominantly from domestic sewage and for these there appears to be little scope to reduce inputs. Specific organic substances or groups are identified as likely to be present in domestic, service trade and runoff inputs. Results from pilot studies provide confidence in the UKWIR/EA pollution inventory protocol predictions for metals but confirm that there is considerable uncertainty regarding estimates for inputs of organic substances. Some changes to the protocol are recommended.

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Identification of the Source of Priority Substances in Sewage Catchments

Reference: 02/WW/14/1
ISBN: 1-84057 251 5
Published Date: 03/07/2002

The respective contributions from trade effluents, domestic inputs and other diffuse sources of sixty-nine specified priority substances, eg List I and List II chemicals under the Dangerous Substances Directive, received at and discharged from wastewater treatment works were evaluated. The main sources of those compounds arising primarily from domestic and diffuse inputs were identified. A desk-top protocol to identify sources and predict potential discharges of priority substances was developed and trialled for the catchments of Camberley and Countess Wear (Exeter) wastewater treatment works.

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