Distribution Systems

Preventing Discolouration

Reference: 04/DW/03/21
ISBN: 1-84057-344-9
Published Date: 15/09/2004

This report gives guidance on identifying and mitigating discolouration risks. In particular it: Explains the mechanisms by which discolouration occurs and identifies the factors which influence the risk of discolouration Reviews 170 previous discolouration incidents to identify their causes Proposes a process for assessing the risk of discolouration Gives guidance on various short-term measures for reducing discolouration risks This research is based on a literature review, a review of DWI incident assessment letters, field investigations and a workshop. The report comes with a CD ROM containing training material in the form of PowerPoint slides.

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Distributing Drinking Water with Low or Zero Disinfectant Residual

Reference: 02/DW/03/19
ISBN: 1-84057-268-X
Published Date: 24/07/2002

This collaborative project between UKWIR and Kiwa NV assesses the role of maintaining a disinfectant residual in water distribution through evaluation of literature, data and practical experiences in the Netherlands and in the UK. The report describes the advantages and limitations of the use of a disinfectant in drinking water during distribution. Areas for further research to improve operational management of the quality of drinking water in the distribution system have been identified. International cooperation, enabling comparison of different approaches and practices, proved very useful in identifying the main aspects of maintaining high water quality standards.

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Hydraulic Characterisation of Deposits and Review of Sediment Modelling

Reference: 01/DW/03/18
ISBN: 1 84057 241 8
Published Date: 17/04/2002

Project aim is to identify the hydraulic characteristics of loose iron deposits and assess capabilities of sediment modelling to manage discolouration. The report is based on a combination of theoretical desk studies and the results of two field trials. Recommendations are given for typical sediment characteristics and values including specific gravity, particle size and sediment concentrations. Sediment transport theory and sediment analysis modules linked to hydraulic analysis software have been reviewed. Guidance is provided on assessing the risk of a discoloration when undertaking a specific network operation.

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