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A sampling and analysis programme to determine the concentration of radon in water samples

Reference: 17/TX/01/38
ISBN: 1 84057 827 0
Published Date: 17/02/2017

The objective was to develop a sampling and analysis programme to determine the range of concentrations of radon in public water supplies. The study focussed on sampling groundwater sites that had previously been classified as being of medium and high Hazard potential of containing radon in water. Over 300 samples were analysed from 124 England and Wales public water groundwater supplies with the majority from sites classified as medium radon hazard. Most of the sites classified as High Hazard sites were also sampled. All samples were recorded as having radon concentrations below 100 Bq/L-1 with the vast majority below 50 Bq/L-1. The low concentrations of radon found in samples from public water supplies provide some reassurance for public health protection.

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