Customer Liaison

The Future Role of Customer and Stakeholder Engagement in the Water Industry

Reference: 15/CU/03/3
ISBN: 1 84057 793 2
Published Date: 21/10/2015

This is the report from the UKWIR study on the possible approaches to customer and stakeholder engagement in water industry price reviews. It has four main parts comprising: a review of the strengths and weakness in customer engagement during the recent PR14 process; a look at the lessons that emerge from experiences of customer engagement in price reviews in other sectors; an assessment of the preparatory steps that the sector can take to put customer and stakeholder engagement on the firmest possible foundations ahead of the water sectors next price review, PR19; and an outline of three possible models for the conduct of this review.

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Customer Education Strategy for Wastewater - Report

Reference: 15/CU/03/2-1
ISBN: 1 84057 776 2
Published Date: 20/07/2015

This study identifies the key aspects that underlie an effective and sustainable customer education strategy for wastewater, and uses the findings to create full, coherent and sustainable guidance for the development of such strategies.

The study explores the need for, and benefits of, education in four key areas: sewer misuse, misconnections, labelling and flood mitigation. For each of these in turn, the key target groups for education are identified along with the most effective way of engaging with them. 

The research programme involved consulting with water companies and other industries about current and recent education initiatives which they have undertaken; consultation with tradespeople, manufacturers, retailers, trade bodies, professional membership bodies and training bodies about misconnections and labelling; and an international literature review on similar education initiatives which have been undertaken in the UK and overseas.

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Post PR14 Customer Engagement, Communications and Education

Reference: 15/CU/03/1
ISBN: 184057 757 6
Published Date: 07/04/2015

The most recent Price Review (PR14) was different from those before it, in that companies were required to demonstrate that customer views were taken into account in the development of their business plans.

This project was commissioned to enable the industry to take stock, collectively, and evaluate companies' programmes of customer engagement encompassing pure research, wider consultation approaches and customer communication via education programmes and campaigns.

The report includes 6 principles of good practice and guidance from companies in developing and undertaking customer engagement in the future as well as for CCGs in reviewing these activities.

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