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Performance of Storm Tanks and Potential for Improvements in Overall Storm Management - Phase 2

Reference: 07/WW/22/5
ISBN: 1 84057 469 0
Published Date: 20/12/2007

Storm tanks have been an integral part of the sewage treatment process since the early 20th century, but to date however, their performance is poorly understood.  The introduction of the Water Framework Directive may see the need for water companies to quantify, both in terms of flow magnitude and quality, all intermittent spills to receiving water courses.  To do this it is required to better understand the pollutant retention efficiency of storm tanks.  This report looks at the designs of storm tanks that are currently in use and reports on a series of field evaluations and laboratory tests which have been carried out to improve understanding of the flow regimes and the pollutant retention in the most common designs of circular and rectangular storm tanks.  This data has been developed into a methodology which allows the prediction of the pollutant retention efficiency for a given design of storm tank under a range of conditions.  The outputs from the research comprise a final report, a technical reference manual (07/WW/22/6) and an MS-Excel based tool - sold together as a set for £300.

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Sewer Network & WwTW Integration

Reference: 07/WW/22/4
ISBN: 1 84057 441 0
Published Date: 01/10/2007

Historically poor planning in how sewer networks and WWTWs work together to protect water quality can lead to an increased risk of non-compliance with effluent standards. Designing and operating the system as a whole, in an intelligent manner, can bring benefits to water companies and environmental regulators alike. This UKWIR project applies novel modelling techniques to represent each part of the urban drainage system and better understand the risks and benefits of an integrated approach. It also reports on state-of-the-art enabling technologies for urban drainage system integration.

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Performance of Storm Tanks

Reference: 05/WW/22/2
ISBN: 1 84057 467 4
Published Date: 30/11/2005

The primary aims of the project were to seek to influence the AMP4 priorities of the Environment Agency and to ensure that future investment would achieve the  best value environmental benefit. Models of storm tank performance were developed to faciltate design and establish operational best practice, The outputs of the study were synthesized into a technical reference manual (Report Ref No 05/WW/22/3) supplied with this report. The project also examined technology based solutions that might serve as alternatives to storm tanks or, at least, enhance their performance. Further work is recommended to test and extend the methodology.
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