CSO Research

National CSO Test Facility Wigan WWTW: CSO Screen Efficiency 1997 - 2005

Reference: 06/WW/08/14
ISBN: 1 84057 404 6
Published Date: 15/05/2006

The report describes a comparative performance analysis of over 30 proprietary CSO / Overflow Screens tested in either a side weir CSO chamber, an extended stilling pond chamber or as stand-alone devices at the National CSO Test Facility, Wigan Wastewater Treatment Works.

Performance evaluations were made to assess the process efficiency of each screen, expressed as 'screenings retention value', at a series of inflow magnitudes and ratios of continuation flow to inflow.

The report gives a  technical description of each screen together with full test results and offers a comparison of equipment performance covering the various generic types of CSO screen currently available.

Price: £250  

Simplified Post Project Appraisal of CSO Performance

Reference: 01/WW/08/11
ISBN: 1 84057 235 3
Published Date: 17/04/2002

In the past, the evaluation of combined sewer overflow (CSO) performance has been perceived as being expensive and difficult to achieve. Those costs and difficulties have militated against the widespread use of Post Project Appraisals. This study identifies simplified, low cost, methods of appraisal that are available for the performance of combined sewer overflows. These procedures should assist water service providers in: · demonstrating compliance with consent conditions, · demonstrating improvements in performance and · providing lessons to feed back into best design practices so as to improve the effectiveness of future investment and provide better value for money.

Price: £100  

Characteristics of Sewage Particles

Reference: 01/WW/08/10
ISBN: 1 84057 230 2
Published Date: 17/04/2002

The report combines the findings of two projects sponsored by UKWIR's CSO Research Group. One, by Sheffield Hallam University, carried out an evaluation process to categorise the different particulates in raw sewage and produce distributions of terminal velocities for each category. The second, by the University of Sheffield, evaluated the terminal velocity characteristics of the sewage particulates which enter the National CSO Test Facility at Wigan Wastewater Treatment Works, and monitored changes which occur due to the time of day and at different flowrates. The utilisation of the results of this project will increase confidence in the assessment of the separation efficiency of CSO chambers and unscreened novel devices. When implemented within design software, this will enable wastewater operators to adopt unscreened solutions, where appropriate, to minimise costs whilst satisfying aesthetic quality aspects of UCSO improvements.

Price: £200