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Cost Benefit Analysis of Ubiquitous Data Collection in Water Distribution - CBA Scenarios

Reference: 13/DW/12/2
ISBN: 1 84057 692 8
Published Date: 08/08/2013

The objective of this project was to determine whether, with the current and projected suites of sensors and data systems, it would be beneficial within AMP6 to promote real-time monitoring for key water quality and related metrics.
This report gives details of the cost of real time monitoring of water quality parameters. Benefits were defined using metrics that would maximise value to customer service and company operating efficiency. This information has informed a cost benefit analysis of a number of scenarios focused on addressing aesthetic water quality issues.

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Cost Benefit Analysis of Ubiquitous Data Collection in Water Distribution - Technology Review and Market Assessment

Reference: 13/DW/12/1
ISBN: 1 84057 691 X
Published Date: 08/08/2013

This report provides a detailed review of the current status of technology relating to water quality monitoring in distribution; including sensors, telemetry and data analysis and decision support systems. It also includes an assessment of the potential size of the UK markets for identified technologies as well as the likely timescales for development and it examines any emerging technology which may offer improvements for future monitoring.
The output of this study challenges suppliers and developers to deliver technology which meets the water industry's specific requirements for water quality monitoring in distribution.

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