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Where is the greatest sustainable economic benefit for resource recovery in the water cycle?

Specific Questions To Answer

The processing and use of water also leads to the consumption, production or carrying of resources (energy, nutrients and other components) through for example catchment management, drinking water provision and waste water disposal and treatment processes. We do not have a clear picture of where there is greatest benefit from resource recovery in the water cycle.

Project Aims to Achieve

The overall aim of this project is to identify where there is greatest benefit from resource recovery in the water cycle in the short term and where there is greatest potential based on market needs.

Contractor Tasks

The specific objectives are to:

1. Re-visit the literature review of global best practice and on-going relevant work completed for the Scottish project to:

 - Identify any further opportunities for resource recovery from the water cycle looking beyond Scotland to the wider UK and Ireland. This may include for example energy or cost savings through more efficient use of water, using energy produced currently as a waste product as a resource, or the recovery of nutrients and other components

 - Review the concept of ‘benefit’ developed in the Scottish project.

2. Assess each identified opportunity for all relevant parameters in order to determine the cost/benefit/feasibility of implementation across the UK and Ireland.

 - Present the options both in the form of a report and as a graphical interpretation. The latter will allow easy comparison and ranking of the option identified and present the resources split according to the resource origin e.g. water supply, rural sewerage provision, municipal sewerage provision, etc. 

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