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What does a circular economy water industry look like? (BQ11 Pathfinder Project)

Specific Questions To Answer

The Big Question of ‘How do we maximize recovery of useful resources and achieve zero waste by 2050?’ is a key strategic research programme for UKWIR. However, at present it is not clear what the research needs are to achieve a circular economy water industry taking into account research which has been done and progress that has already been made across companies.

Driven by environmental, social and economic benefits and the increasing pressure on resources, the need for more considerate use and recovery of resources is growing. In recognition of this, the EU has resource efficiency as a priority going forward. The “Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe” and the “Circular Economy Action Plan” point to green growth and circular economy principles as strategically important to delivering success. We do not have a clear picture of where there is greatest benefit from resource recovery in the water cycle.

Project Aims to Achieve

The overall aim of this project is to determine what a circular economy water industry looks like.  The project will provide a baseline position of where we are now as a sector, identify new or missed resource recovery opportunities and barriers, and will provide recommendations on future research and priorities in order to progress towards achieving the Big Question of ‘How do we maximize recovery of useful resources and achieve zero waste by 2050?’

Contractor Tasks

  1. Present the role and importance of placing circular economy concepts at the heart of business and regulatory decisions.
  2. Understand and present how circular economy principles are currently being implemented by the sector, across companies (best practice case studies) and in comparison with other sectors.
  3. Identify new and/or missed resource recovery opportunities by water industry operations
  4. Identify barriers to opportunities and provide the evidence base to influence policy thinking and future research needs (short-term and long-term)
  5. Identify and prioritise future research projects, considering synergies, overlaps, and gaps in research and propose the most appropriate funding route for delivery of those gaps (e.g. UKWIR / UKRI / UK-Water Partnership / Other). Use these to enhance the draft route map.

Conduct a workshop to review the above outputs and to agree the prioritisation for future research needs.  Identified opportunities are to be presented in according to the resource origin e.g. water supply, rural wastewater provision, strategic wastewater provision, etc. 

Summarise and document the outputs of the workshop in the final report. Update the draft route map.

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