Implementation of the Eels Regulations

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An independent review and critique of the current regulatory approach to implementation of the Eels Regulations for the UK water industry. The project report provides a review of existing guidance, policy and legislative obligations for fish protection at intakes and barriers to migration. The approach to identifying impacts, benefits, costs and risks are critiqued and an overview provided of guidelines for best practice solutions and alternative measures. Specific detail is provided on the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) methodology, in particular a critique of the current approach and exploration of the possibility of introducing a more risk-based assessment into the methodology. Reviews of screening and fish passage solutions, along with operator experience are provided as appendixes to the report. Further appendices include insight from the power sector, overviews of fish protection measures and implementation of the Eels Regulations in other countries (USA, Germany and The Netherlands) and summary documents of discussions with the Environment Agency.



UKWIR Reference :- 16/RG/05/45Published Date :- 28/04/2016
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 Implementation of the Eels Regulations CD