Chemical Source Apportionment under the WFD

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A GIS based tool (SAGIS)  to apportion loads and concentration of chemicals to WFD water bodies has been developed to support river basin planning by the UK Water Industry and the Environment Agency to identify effective programmes of measures, whilst maintaining the 'polluter pays principle', thus ensuring a fair proportioning of responsibility for improving water qualiry across all responsible sectors.
Chemical inputs for nutrients, metals and organic substances are separated into five sectors for point sources and seven sectors for diffuse sources. Outputs are also separated into these sectors to provide mapped (GIS) information of the apportionment of river concentrations and loads. SAGIS was developed using national datasets but the funtionality allows for the addition of better local information. The GIS software and databases are available with the project report (although subject to obtaining a licence for the flow data used by the tool).
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This report is available in a set with UKWIR's published reports on Chemical Source Apportionment, available for purchase together at a reduced price of £600.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/WW/02/3Published Date :- 03/07/2012
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