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Assessing the effectiveness of the regulatory framework

Specific Questions To Answer

The UKWIR ‘Big Question’ number nine is: “How do we ensure that the regulatory framework incentivises efficient delivery of the right outcomes for customers and the environment?”. This Big Question is an opportunity to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the current regulatory framework, identify overlapping issues and differences across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and promote any necessary reform of regulatory approaches.

To help to answer this question, we need to identify some deep-dive research projects for UKWIR to take forward, targeted at the issues within the regulatory framework that are the highest priorities of members.

Project Aims to Achieve

The project will use outputs from discussions with UKWIR members to produce proposals for deep dive projects. Discussions will need to cover what are the priority issues for UKWIR members, what are the options for change, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options.

Principal areas of interest for the discussions are likely to be:

*“How do we balance priorities” - Stakeholder engagement, including balancing of different stakeholder views, roles of different stakeholders (including regulators), and effective customer engagement. This is likely to include establishing appropriate social / customer valuations for service and environmental outcomes.
*“How is efficient delivery incentivised?” - ensuring that the framework delivers the right outcomes and a coherent set of incentives. This is likely to include incentivising efficient delivery, service quality, public value, innovation, and long-term resilience.
*“How do we know when we get there?” - Ensuring that the right measures are defined, measured and reported, to meet the needs of water service providers and stakeholders.

Note: With current restrictions on social distancing the expectation is that this project will be undertaken remotely by telephone and videoconference. Potential contractors will need to put forward proposals for ensuring that there is effective debate, given these constraints.

Contractor Tasks

1. Prepare brief pre-reading material to facilitate effective discussion.
2. Organise and host discussion groups &/or undertake interviews with UKWIR members.
3. Summarise key insights and views from the discussions. This should include summarising the options for change considered and their merits, but it is not intended to reach conclusions at this stage.
4. Develop an approach to regulatory framework assessment which can be applied in future regulatory projects.
5. Use the outputs from discussions to define scopes for three deep dive projects.
6. Deliver a project feedback meeting / discussion forum for UKWIR members and wider stakeholders, to confirm scope of proposed projects and incorporate any further refinements.

The project should be completed by December 2020 to inform deep dive projects for 2021.

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