Workbook for Estimating Operational GHG Emissions 2017 - Version 12

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UKWIR has developed a standardised workbook for estimating operational GHG emissions, the Carbon Accounting Workbook (CAW), to bring consistency and accuracy to the reporting process across the industry. The workbook has been in place for over ten years and is updated annually to reflect the needs of the industry, including changes in carbon accounting practices.

In this update of the CAW the following changes have been implemented:

  • Updated emission factors to align with the latest UK and international data,
  • Implementation of the granular functionality which allows users to separate the individual transport fuels and admin emissions across the different operations,
  • Amend the private wire methodology to allow additional flexibility.


UKWIR Reference :- 18/CL/01/26Published Date :- 03/07/2018
Retail Price (£) :- 200ISBN :- 1 84057 857 2


Supporting Material and Reports

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