Pesticide Risk Mapping and Catchment Interventions - Phase 2

Price: £500  

Pesticide risk maps for mobile herbicides (applied to arable and grassland) and metaldehyde (applied to arable land only), covering much of the UK at a field level, have been produced.  These have been incorporated into new software tools for use of these risk maps in both a planning and operational sense.  The software solution development and roll out comprised various complementary components and catered for water companies with and without access to desktop ArcGIS ie: Desktop ArcGIS mapping tool for spatial and non-spatial data management or a standalone WinForms desktop tools for data management in companies without access to ArcGIS; Microsoft (MS) Excel based desktop tools for reporting, planning and costing; MS Excel based field risk calculator.  An accompanying survey of intervention effectiveness studies/trials within this AMP period allowed for the potential to improve default values built into the software as well as promote awareness of activities within the industry.

The QuickCalc Risk Calculator is available for free download to all by clicking here.



UKWIR Reference :- 16/DW/14/14Published Date :- 08/08/2016
Retail Price (£) :- 500ISBN :- 1 84057 822 X