Extending and Updating UKWIR's Pollution Source Apportionment Tool (2)

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The SAGIS-SIMCAT modelling system underpins a significant part of the Water Industry’s water quality investment planning through providing the ability to develop effective evidence-based Programmes of Measures whilst maintaining the ‘Polluter Pays Principle’. SAGIS-SIMCAT will serve as the regulatory agencies primary catchment planning tool until at least 2027. This project has delivered improvements to SAGIS in three key areas, namely; (1) functionality enhancements to improve the representation of catchment processes, (2) data enhancements to align SAGIS with the second cycle of River Basin Management Planning requirements, and (3) a series of catchment investigations focusing on Natura 2000 sites that provide an up-to-date view on model performance, an understanding of the sources of chemicals and options to minimise the risk to compliance with water quality objectives.

This report is available in a set with UKWIR's published reports on Chemical Source Apportionment, available for purchase together at a reduced price of £600.



UKWIR Reference :- 18/WW/02/9Published Date :- 29/04/2018
Retail Price (£) :- 100ISBN :- 1 84057 851 3


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