Benefits and limitations of integrating Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) and Ecosystem Services Assessment (ESA) into water company activities

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This project considers the opportunities and barriers to the introduction of Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) and/or Ecosystem Services Assessment (ESA) into water company business planning. The application of NCA and ESA in the UK is still at a relatively early stage, but it is becoming increasingly prominent as interest increases in the natural capital and ecosystem services which companies draw on. Evidence suggests these approaches are beneficial, though risks and uncertainties remain which have not yet been fully explored.  In order to help the industry, overcome some of these the project outlines a number of recommendations including: further research to provide consistent evidence that allows organisations to decide whether the approaches are right; a programme of engagement with regulatory experts; the development of tools and guidance; and pilot studies to ensure that these approaches work for water companies and that the regulatory community accepts the methods and findings.



UKWIR Reference :- 16/CL/04/14Published Date :- 30/06/2016
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