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When is ‘surface water removal’ the most cost beneficial solution?

Managing and removing surface water from sewers offers a number of operational benefits. Using different types of sustainable interventions can create substantial wider community benefits.

There is an increasing appetite across the industry to consider and deliver such interventions to help manage a range of drivers. However, this appetite is not matched by an in depth understanding of the factors that make surface water removal options more cost beneficial than traditional engineering solutions.

This UKWIR project led by Stantec, CIRIA and Anthony McCloy Associates helps to develop that understanding through:

  • providing examples of surface water removal projects from the UK and Ireland and globally
  • identifying the factors which make surface water management solutions successful
  • understanding some of the UK and Ireland legislation that effects the delivery of surface water interventions
  • developing a decision support tool to help those undertaking surface water removal projects in making better decisions


UKWIR Reference  20/SW/01/20Published Date 30/01/2021
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