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The National Chemical Investigations Programme 2015-2020 - Volume 2 Monitoring of Substances of Emerging Concern

The UKWIR Chemical Investigations Programme Phase 2, 2015-2020

The Chemical Investigations Programme (CIP) was established by the UK Water Industry and UKWIR in response to emerging legislation on surface water quality. The first phase provided an overview of the occurrence, behaviour and management of trace contaminants in wastewater. This second phase aims to identify sites at which action might need to be taken and to act as a basis for proposed solutions that are effective, proportional to the Water Industry contribution to contamination, and demonstrably justifiable down to a detailed local level. Current outputs are published in four volumes as follows:

Volume 1 Part 1 (2015-2017) Monitoring of Sewage Effluents, Surface Waters and Sewage Sludge

Volume 2 Monitoring of Substances of Emerging Concern

Volume 3 Wastewater Treatment Technology Trials

Volume 4 Catchment Investigations

 These publications document current CIP findings and will form the basis of future policy on the control of chemicals in the water environment. 



UKWIR Reference  18/EQ/01/13Published Date 24/04/2018
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