Assessment of Key Parameters for Leakage Analysis

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Three of the key parameters in the analysis of leakage data are Average Zonal Night Pressure (AZNP), Average Zonal Pressure (AZP) and Hour-day factor (HDF).  Previous work has identified a need to review the methodologies for assessing these and provide guidance, with the aim of ensuring that methodologies are applied consistently across the industry.

The project reviewed the methods currently used by UK companies and identified the advantages and disadvantages of each.  It concluded that the appropriate method for a particular company to apply in the present circumstances is dependent on the available data.

The report provides UKWIR members with a standard set of methodologies for assessing these key parameters given the data that is currently available. It also provides a roadmap that can be used to guide improvements to data collection and methodology in the future. Application of the guidance will improve confidence in estimates for both water companies and regulators.



UKWIR Reference :- 17/WM/08/59Published Date :- 18/12/2017
Retail Price (£) :- 150ISBN :- 1 84057 845 9