EC Bathing Waters Directive Enterovirus Research

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This composite report sets out the findings of the four separate literature reviews carried out to identify current knowledge and gaps which may exist on enterovirus. The individual abstracts for each review are set out below. Review of Sources of Enteroviruses in the Environment. The sources and inputs of enteroviruses in the environment are reviewed in the context of the EU Bathing Water Directive. The virology, epidemiology and prevalence of enteroviruses in water is discussed and the types of materials investigated for enteroviruses in the environment are also considered. Research requirements to determine better the significance of enteroviruses in waterborne disease are highlighted. Review of Methods for the Isolation, Concentration, Identification and Enumeration of Enteroviruses. Methods for concentration and detection of enteroviruses from water, with special reference to methods used in the routine monitoring of recreational waters in respect of the EU bathing Water Directive, are reviewed. Deta



UKWIR Reference :- 99/WW/11/1Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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