PE Pipes for Contaminated Land

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The permeation resistance of the new “twin walled” PE/ Aluminium or PE/ polyamide pipes and the effect of organics on various rubbers have been investigated. A polyamide outer layer extruded over standard PE pipe can reduce permeation of solvents but will not be effective in all situations. Inclusion of an aluminium layer into the main PE wall structure prevented the permeation of unleaded fuel through the PE pipe. Thus, this type of pipe provides a solution for cases where the contamination is severe (or unknown). A testing protocol for the assessment of the barrier characteristics to ‘unknown solvent cocktails’ has been developed. The behaviour of elatomeric seals for pipes joined by socket and spigot systems needs consideration if pipe is laid in contaminated land. In laboratory tests, Viton rubber has been found to be the most resistant to diesel and unleaded fuels, but nitrile rubber can be effective in some circumstances.



UKWIR Reference :- 99/WM/02/9Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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