Plastics Pipeline Systems - Pipeline Innovation

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The programme in 1996/1997 has address a wide range of issues relating to the design and specification of new plastics pipes and fittings which now form the basis of new distribution mains and rehabilitation techniques. By virtue of new work, the highly conservative surge and fatigue design criteria have been relaxed for tough PE materials and de-ratings for all other materials have been established. Tests have been conducted on a range of new PE materials to allow for greater competition and thus reduce pipe costs. The performance criteria for the specification of PE pipes and electrofusion fittings have been developed and work has been carried out on the impact criteria for structured wall sewer pipes. It has been shown that it is possible to use recycled material from surplus pipe from construction sites to make new wastewater systems. A failure analysis service has been operated which has led to the early identification of potential future problems - largely with fittings. Actions to rec



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