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Pentachlorophenol (PCP) and chloranil as sources of PCDD/ Fs to sewage sludge and sludge amended agricultural soils

The contribution of pentachlorophenol (PCP) and chloranil- based dyes and pigments to the dioxin (PCDD/ F) content of sewage sludges and the potential for PCDD/ Fs derived from these sources to persist in sludge amended soils and to trtansfer through the agricultural food chain is discussed. Sources, production and use of PCP and chloranil are described along with regulatory issues. Where possible, UK production, use and import statistics have been updated. The application of other types of organic amendments (eg farmyard manure), paper waste sludge and textile waste could represent important sources of PCDD/ Fs to agricultural soils. At present the application of these wastes is not subject to the same level of control as sewage sludge. There is very limited data available at present to quantify their current and future impact. Using a congener- specific pathways analysis model, the addition of sludge containing high concentrations of PCDD/ F congeners associated with PCP and chloranil- based sources does n



UKWIR Reference  97/SL/04/1Published Date 17/04/2002
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