Predictive Statistical Analysis of Coliform Occurrences

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Bacterial coliforms are indicators of microbiological water quality. 99.5% of samples met with the microbiological standard in 1994, but intermittent occurrences of coliforms are still of concern to water supply companies. The objective of this project was to shed light on the reasons why coliforms occur in distribution systems. More specifically, it aimed to: identify statistical associations, both at the sample and zonal level, between coliform occurrences and other routine determinands in statutory monitoring data provided by UK water companies; and to develop and validate simple models for predicting increased probability of coliform occurrences in the drinking water supply. The study identified a variety of factors which influence the probability of coliform occurrences and these were used to put together a coliform predictive model. It was found that this model works well from one period to another and from one group of zones to another within the same company, but not very well from one company to anot



UKWIR Reference :- 97/DW/02/3Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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