The Fate of Intracellular Microcystin- LR during Water Treatment

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Microcystin- LR is a toxin produced by blue- green algae. The presence of these algae in water supply reservoirs is a potential source of contamination of drinking water. Algal toxins can be stored within the algal cells until they die and lyse. Healthy algal cells could conceivably pass through treatment works intact and rech the customer's tap, or treatment processes may cause cell lysis and release of the toxins into the water. This study assessed the impact of water treatment processes on toxic algal cells containing microcystin- LR, and quantified the amount of toxin that could be released during cell lysis. The processes investigated were: physical mixing and pumping; pH adjustment; coagulation; chemical oxidation. The results show that some processes remove the cells altogether, whereas other cells cause cell lysis, and some are effective at destroying the toxin. Recommendations are made on which processes to use where algal toxins are consered a risk.



UKWIR Reference :- 96/DW/07/4Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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