The Toxicity and Significance of Toxins from Blue- Green Algae

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Blue- green algae are sometimes found in water supply reservoirs. Some algae produce toxins, and because of the possibility of these toxins reaching the customer's tap, it is appropriate to set limits for them in drinking water. In order to do this, it is necessary to know how toxic they are. This report reviews the data available on algal toxins, recommends limits for them in drinking water, and points to areas where more data is needed. The two main algal toxins of concern are microcystin- LR (a hepatoxin) and anatoxin- a (a neurotoxin). A limit of 1ug/ 1 for total microcystins, and 1ug/ 1 for anatoxin- a, were suggested as being appropriate to ensure that no adverse response occurs.



UKWIR Reference :- 96/DW/07/2Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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