Overbanding Materials for Trench Reinstatements

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Overbanding, whilst not a statutory maintenance treatment is important for two reasons: (a) to seal the material near the edge where it is difficult to achieve compaction; and (b) to prevent joint edge deterioration of new and existing materials. This research included supervised site trials to assess the effectiveness of various overband treatments. Objectives of the research were to examine whether the HAUC performance criteria could be achieved in practice. Other objectives concerned working practices, methods of trench reinstatement and the type of bituminous bound material used. From the preliminary results of the trials, all the binder only based products did not meet the current HAUC minimum skid resistance value (SRV). After six months, all the overbands which either contained grit (slurry seal) or had grit added to them maintained SRVs greater than 60. Further work is needed to determine whether the HAUC performance criteria can be maintained during the guarantee period.



UKWIR Reference :- 95/WM/01/12Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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