Conventional Backfill - Final Report

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Foam concrete and grouts are now available to the water industry as an alternative to conventional backfill material. It is claimed that these new materials can achieve more reliable reinstatement, with less need to return and repair. The objectives of this project were therefore: to compare failure rates of conventional backfill with those of foam concrete and grouts; to produce a cost effective strategy for slecting backfill materials. Typical failure rates for reinstatement were not available. However, discussions with utilities that have used foam concrete indicate that reinstatements made with this material are less likely to fain than conventional backfill materials. The material costs for foam concrete are generally higher than for conventional backfill. However, cost savings can be made due to the reduced need to revisit reinstatements made with this material. Other cost savings may be achievable with foam concrete due to the reduced time of installation and therefore reduced labour costs.



UKWIR Reference :- 95/WM/01/1Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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